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Special Needs & Good Deeds Rescue

SPEAK! for the Unspoken is a registered 501(c)(3) pet rescue located in the Columbus, Ohio area. We are a 100% foster-based rescue, devoted to special needs animal rescue and education. We focus our rescue efforts on special needs dogs and cats, double merle dogs born with vision and/or hearing deficits due to poor breeding practices. We believe special needs dogs can live happy and healthy lives, and until the careless breeding stops, we will continue to find these special dogs the homes they deserve.

We see possibilities, not disabilities. We adopted our motto “special needs and good deeds” to incorporate all the animals outside of the ‘special needs’ category that we are able to help. We are a foster based rescue so all of the animals in our program are living and cared for in a loving home.

SPEAK! is committed to proving that special needs' dogs are just as capable as “normal” dogs. Some special needs dogs, such as double merle Australian Shepherds, are the result of irresponsible merle to merle breeding. Many other breeds also contain this dominant gene and when bred improperly, can result in blindness, deafness, or both. These impairments have a twenty-five percent (25%) chance of happening to every puppy born through this irresponsible breeding practice. 

Dogs born into the world with these impairments hold a special place in our heart! They still are active and loving companions and we work hard to educate the public on how these dogs can be a perfect family member. We are so grateful for all our fosters and volunteers because they take on these special needs dogs and show many of them love and patience for the first time. Our fosters and volunteers truly make a difference in this world with taking on this commitment and we foster and rescue the special needs dogs to make sure they can live a happy life regardless of their impairments.

Our Story

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