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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Speak for the Unspoken started as a small group of rescuers in Columbus, Ohio with an amazing passion to help homeless animals, usually with special needs. From our small start just a few years ago, we have grown in ways completely unexpected and unanticipated — and that is where you come in!

Do you love animals, and want to help rescue them? Want to learn more about special needs animals? We have a multitude of ways you can help, and seriously, the list is practically endless!!! However, since we are a foster based rescue, we do not have a physical location to volunteer at. We do need help in many other areas though! Do you have a skill we can use to help save more of these beautiful animals? Whatever it is, no matter where you are, and regardless of how little time you may have to contribute, please raise your hand to help! And don’t worry if you have never done volunteer work before, we will provide all the training you need.

Not all of us have the time or are in the right situation to foster, however there are other ways to help. We need people skilled in data entry, marketing, fundraising, grant writing, training and education. We need people that just love to talk to people and hang out with dogs at events; we need folks with cars and some time on the weekend to help transport our pups to vet appointments or events.

This application is for volunteers only, if you are interested in fostering, please check out our Foster Page.

Volunteer with dogs

Upcoming Events

Speak! participates in many events throughout central Ohio. Volunteers are able to sign up for events that suit their lifestyle. Responsibilities may include educating the public, helping transport dogs to and from the events, and handling dogs during the event.

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