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Place your pet

Some of the dogs that you see on our Speak page have come from owner surrenders. We understand that certain life changes may prevent you from keeping your family pet. Surrendering your pet is not an easy decision, and Speak is here to help.

Speak has limited foster space, and not every dog is suitable for our rescue. We may ask that you keep your dog until we have foster space, or we can courtesy post to help you find that perfect permanent home for your dog. Please understand that we cannot help every dog. Speak will evaluate each dog and depending on the circumstances, will help you determine the best route to rehome your dog. We can also help you with other resources, such as training.

Owners wishing our assistance in placing their dogs should complete the form below. After we receive the completed form, it will be sent to the rescue representative who handles your area to follow up with you. Dogs will be evaluated for temperament before being taken into the program, so please anticipate that a volunteer will likely need to meet with you and your dog.

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